About Saijin

Saijin is a writer, poet and lyricist, as well as the mother of six. After writing Saijin’s Journey Begins, a pre-teen book about the synchronistic events in a young girl’s life, Saijin launched TellingTouch, a website devoted to the preservation and publication of family histories and journaling. She then turned her attention to researching esoteric principles and writings through personal and academic studies for her works: ADVANCED TECHNIQUES IN SABIAN SYMBOLOGY and HEALING OUR SHADOW-SELVES. As an avid life-long student of spirituality, metaphysics and a diversity of New Age disciplines, Saijin utilizes her passion for research and writing to share her findings with others. Assisting and encouraging others to get the most out of each and every day is her heartfelt mission. With over twenty-five years of working with adults and youth in mentoring and teaching capacities in private, business, academic and religious arenas, Saijin now turns to share her gifts of enthusiasm, inspiration, encouragement and mentoring to all those who are ready to step into a fuller experience of life and its gifts of wisdom and conscious awakening. – Gabriel Falcon

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The Sabian symbols in the Septenary model.

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