Gemini 28° A man declared bankrupt ~ DELIVERANCE

“Clean slate. Now, begin again.”

Let us proceed to a study of this day’s septenary or 7-fold geometric model of the Sabian symbols, which constitutes a mandala of 360 astrological degrees as developed by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones in collaboration with and channeled by Elsie May Wheeler in the spring of 1925.* Additionally, by utilizing the ancient esoteric writing, The Emerald Tablet, Tablet III by Thoth, we adopt a ready and constant framework for our deeper reflections. The chakra system is also made available for the additional insights it may provide; the geometric designs provided are based on the work of Frank Chester and may be used to cut out and assemble a Chestahedron for meditation.

THE EMERALD TABLET ~ Source: Alchemy and Mysticism from The Hermetic Museum Author: Heinrich Khunrath Work: Amhitheatrum sapientae aeternae Date: 1606. This work is over 400 years old, in the public domain.

Man is a star bound to a body, until in the end, he is freed through his strife. Only by struggle and toiling thine utmost shall the star within thee bloom out in new life. Wisdom cometh to all her children even as they cometh unto wisdom. All through the ages, the light has been hidden. Awake, O man, and be wise.

Before the Lords of hidden Amenti learned I the wisdom I give unto men. Masters are they of the great Secret Wisdom, brought from the future of infinity’s end. Seven are they, the Lords of Amenti, overlords they of the Children of Morning, Suns of the Cycles, Masters of Wisdom. Formed are not they as the children of men? Three, Four, Five and Six, Seven, Eight, Nine are the titles of the Masters of men.

Far from the future, formless yet forming, came they as teachers for the children of men. Live they forever, yet not of the living, bound not to life and yet free from death. Rule they forever with infinite wisdom, bound yet not bound to the dark Halls of Death. Life they have in them, yet life that is not life, free from all are the Lords of the ALL.

Forth from them came forth the Logos, instruments they of the power o’er all. Vast is their countenance, yet hidden in smallness, formed by a forming, known yet unknown.

THREE holds the key of all hidden magic, creator he of the halls of the Dead; sending forth power, shrouding with darkness, binding the souls of the children of men; sending the darkness, binding the soul force; director of negative to the children of men.

The Root Chakra awakening:  “Clean slate. Now, begin again.”

Gemini 28° A man declared bankrupt

This is a symbol of the eternal individuality of the human spirit, able to enter new paths of opportunity and thereupon achieve a further self-refinement whenever its particular involvements in everyday affairs have come to some point of futility. Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the realization of the ultimate transiency of both the rewards and penalties in life, and of the unreality of consequences if ever taken as other than a convenient converging of relationships.

The keyword is DELIVERANCE.

When positive, the degree is an effective and over-all resourcefulness in even the worst of situations, and when negative, a willingness to dodge every responsibility and betray the very core of self.

FOUR is he who looses the power. Lord, he, of Life to the children of men. Light is his body, flame is his countenance; freer of souls to the children of men.

Le 19

The Sacral Chakra awakening:  “Pro-visioning before the show.”

Leo 19° A houseboat party

This is a symbol of creative relaxation as a prelude to effective effort, and of man’s normal capacity for achievement through an everyday rehearsal of co-operative relationships with his fellows. There is here a sealing off of some pleasant pocket of life for an intensified culture of the skills and inspiration which can implement a contribution to the world at large. Any dull routine of existence may be exalted as a common adventure in self-expenditure.

The keyword is CONGENIALITY.

When positive, the degree is a gracious eagerness of participation in the more worthwhile or enduring aspects of human affairs, and when negative, thoughtless self-indulgence and contempt for the general welfare.

FIVE is the master, the Lord of all magic – Key to The Word that resounds among men.

The Solar Plexus Chakra awakening: “Time to go bravely forward.”

Libra 11° A professor peering over his glasses

This is a symbol of high ego on the personal side, or of the naïve self-confidence by which an individual is enabled to continue the role of superiority he has elected to play among his fellows. Implicit here is the refinement of self in whatever particular phase of excellence will promise recognition for itself, and also the acceptance of the form in which it is manifest. There is a subordination of all other considerations to the immediate dramatization of responsibility.

The keyword is SPECIALIZATION.

When positive, the degree is a quiet mastery of events through a developed insight or depth of understanding, and when negative, a joy in depreciating others and compelling their subservience.

SIX is the Lord of Light, the hidden pathway, path of the souls of the children of men.

Sg 2

The Heart Chakra awakening:  “Nothing can stop what’s coming.”

Sagittarius 2° The ocean covered with whitecaps

This is a symbol of the unending availability of everything ever needed for life and experience, emphasized subjectively through the tireless anticipations of the human soul. Implicit in the symbolism is the necessity for giving direction to the restlessness of an over-all consciousness in which man’s immortal being is cradled, and for channeling this into a manifestation of personal energy. The individual prospers as he is self-quickened to his own potentialities.


When positive, the degree is an indomitable resourcefulness and a naïve delight in the problems of everyday living, and when negative, pointless irritability and nervous self-exhaustion.

SEVEN is he who is Lord of the vastness, master of Space and the key of the Times.

Cp 23

The Throat Chakra awakening:  “Dealing with a paradox?”

Capricorn 23° Two awards for bravery in war

This is a symbol of man’s resourcefulness in developing new areas of experience on the practical side, and of his genius for dramatizing the fruits of an everyday aliveness and thereby stimulating a broadened self-expenditure. The continual effort of an idealistic leadership to hold social and political gains demands an exaltation of personal vision and character, and in the course of time every individual is brought to a broader understanding of his fellows. The goal of living becomes a preservation of values.

The keyword is RECOGNITION.

When positive, the degree is the social stewardship which demands a continual self-dedication, and when negative, strutting self-exploitation.

EIGHT is he who orders the progress; weighs and balances the journey of men. 

Pi 15

The Third Eye Chakra awakening:  “The big guy in all of us.”

Pisces 15° An officer preparing to drill his men

This is a symbol of man’s self-betraying desire for a hierarchy of allegiances in which he can lose himself, evident on the side of the superficial life of everyday and its dismissal of all responsibility of consequence. Implicit in the symbolism is a challenge to make the best of the situations from which there is no immediate extrication, but to do so only with a determination to participate in some reality of more enduring importance. Living is vital to the extent each individual decides to motivate it.

The keyword is PRECISENESS.

When positive, the degree is a gift for bringing genuine efficiency and real adventure to common objectives, and when negative, uninspiring drudgery.

NINE is the father, vast he of countenance, forming and changing from out of the formless. 

Ta 6

The Crown Chakra awakening:  “Knockin’ on Heaven’s door.”

Taurus 6° A bridge being built across a gorge

This is a symbol of the conquest of natural difficulties by conscious means, and of any individual’s essential independence of nature’s accidents or inconveniences. There are always ways in which physical limitations may be transformed into personal or social assets, thus contributing a dependability on the outer side to a consistency on the inner and so giving every possibility of continuance and intelligence to human experience.

The keyword is CHANNELSHIP.

When positive, the degree is the directness and the practical instinct by which personality achieves ultimate benefit of its powers, and when negative, a love of short cuts and every possible escape from the obligations of daily living.

Meditate on the symbols I give thee. Keys are they, though hidden from men.

Reach ever upward, O Soul of the morning. Turn thy thoughts upward to Light and to Life. Find in the keys of the numbers I bring thee, light on the pathway from life unto life.

Seek thee with wisdom. Turn thy thoughts inward. Close not thy mind to the flower of Light.

Place in thine body a thought-formed picture. Think of the numbers that lead thee to Life.

Clear is the pathway to he who has wisdom. Open the door to the Kingdom of Light.

Pour forth thy flame as a Sun of the morning. Shut out the darkness and live in the day.

Take thee, O man! As part of thy being, the Seven who are but are not as they seem. Opened, O man! Have I my wisdom. Follow the path in the way I have led.

Masters of Wisdom, SUN of the MORNING LIGHT and LIFE to the children of men. 

“Clean slate. Now, begin again.”

Thank you for visiting the Sabian Symbols Septenary.

The featured artistic renderings of the symbols are provided by Ruby Fumizki.

The tagline phrases and 7 gem images of the Chestahedron are by Saijin.


The interpretations are the official ones provided by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, from his book, Sabian Symbols in Astrology, the 1953 First Edition, published by The Sabian Publishing Society, New York; printed in the United States of America by the Roberts Studio Press, Arden, Delaware.

To learn more about The Sabian Assembly, the organization founded by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones on October 17, 1923, where seekers are bound by “searching for competent rather than easy answers to the problems of life”, please visit The Sabian Assembly at

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