Taurus 18° A woman holding a bag out of a window ~ FACILITATION

“It’s right here when you’re ready.”

Let us proceed to a study of this day’s septenary or 7-fold geometric model of the Sabian symbols, which constitutes a mandala of 360 astrological degrees as developed by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones in collaboration with and channeled by Elsie May Wheeler in the spring of 1925.* Additionally, by utilizing the ancient esoteric writing, The Emerald Tablet, Tablet III by Thoth, we adopt a ready and constant framework for our deeper reflections. The chakra system is also made available for the additional insights it may provide; the geometric designs provided are based on the work of Frank Chester and may be used to cut out and assemble a Chestahedron for meditation.

THE EMERALD TABLET ~ Source: Alchemy and Mysticism from The Hermetic Museum Author: Heinrich Khunrath Work: Amhitheatrum sapientae aeternae Date: 1606. This work is over 400 years old, in the public domain.

Man is a star bound to a body, until in the end, he is freed through his strife. Only by struggle and toiling thine utmost shall the star within thee bloom out in new life. Wisdom cometh to all her children even as they cometh unto wisdom. All through the ages, the light has been hidden. Awake, O man, and be wise.

Before the Lords of hidden Amenti learned I the wisdom I give unto men. Masters are they of the great Secret Wisdom, brought from the future of infinity’s end. Seven are they, the Lords of Amenti, overlords they of the Children of Morning, Suns of the Cycles, Masters of Wisdom. Formed are not they as the children of men? Three, Four, Five and Six, Seven, Eight, Nine are the titles of the Masters of men.

Far from the future, formless yet forming, came they as teachers for the children of men. Live they forever, yet not of the living, bound not to life and yet free from death. Rule they forever with infinite wisdom, bound yet not bound to the dark Halls of Death. Life they have in them, yet life that is not life, free from all are the Lords of the ALL.

Forth from them came forth the Logos, instruments they of the power o’er all. Vast is their countenance, yet hidden in smallness, formed by a forming, known yet unknown.

THREE holds the key of all hidden magic, creator he of the halls of the Dead; sending forth power, shrouding with darkness, binding the souls of the children of men; sending the darkness, binding the soul force; director of negative to the children of men.

The Root Chakra awakening:  “It’s right here when you’re ready.”

Taurus 18° A woman holding a bag out of a window

This is a symbol of the soul’s high ministry of service to every purpose and function of living, and of the individual’s self-fulfillment as he furthers the over-all ends of men in general. There is here an exaltation of every commonplace activity. Life comes to its ultimate fruition as a community realization, with everyone increasingly aware of his fellows and ever seeking to encourage them in their daily routine.

The keyword is FACILITATION.

When positive, the degree is high personal effectiveness in commandeering the elements of experience for any particular purpose, and when negative, dissatisfaction with things as they are and complete ineptness in handling them.

FOUR is he who looses the power. Lord, he, of Life to the children of men. Light is his body, flame is his countenance; freer of souls to the children of men.

Cn 9

The Sacral Chakra awakening:  “Don’t let your dreams slip away.”

Cancer 9° A tiny nude miss reaching in the water for a fish

This is a symbol of the eternal and unsullied freshness of soul as it enters every new experience with an unabated enthusiasm and thereby both substantiates its divine estate and brings enduring significance to whatever it may touch. Here is the absolute lack of inhibition which enables man to grasp the reins of control in every realm he decides to make his own, and the unquenched and simple curiosity which virtually makes it impossible for any potentiality of being ever to escape him.

The keyword is INCLINATION.

When positive, the degree is ingratiating and irresistible capacity for self-expression, and when negative, continual indiscretion as a bar to any appreciable achievement.

FIVE is the master, the Lord of all magic – Key to The Word that resounds among men.

The Solar Plexus Chakra awakening: “Extraordinary means!”

Virgo 1° A man’s head

This is a symbol of full maturity in human estate, with an emphasis on the personal integrity which represents in general what all men are asked to be in particular. The ideals of an inner life are given their outer manifestation through some self-accepted responsibility on which others can count. Ambition has its high dignity here in the distinction with which it endows those who remain most faithful to its exactions and thereupon become most conscious of its rewards.

The keyword is CHARACTER.

When positive, the degree is an effective self-assurance and an ever-clear vision of each emerging opportunity in life, and when negative, inordinate vanity and a consistent overestimation of individual capacities.

SIX is the Lord of Light, the hidden pathway, path of the souls of the children of men.

Li 22

The Heart Chakra awakening:  “Living a life of service.”

Libra 22° A child giving birds a drink at a fountain

This is a symbol of man’s uncompromising faith in the friendly relationships characterizing the world at large, or of his naïve optimism as he finds that he can take advantage of one or another of life’s opportunities whenever he chooses to do so. Here is self-fulfillment in the discovery that there are always the fruits of everyday to justify the simple fact of selfhood, and that there are also the responsibilities which provide a consummation for the ideals and the inner nature.

The keyword is SOLICITUDE.

When positive, the degree is the creative concern for others by which any individual comes to experience his own immortality, and when negative, superficial effort for transient popularity.

SEVEN is he who is Lord of the vastness, master of Space and the key of the Times.

Sg 13

The Throat Chakra awakening:  “Light that moves you past your past.”

Sagittarius 13° A widow’s past brought to light

This is a symbol of an individual agony of soul as the property of all, its public revelation becoming both a personal clearance and an encouragement to others in their own ordeals of the spirit. Here is experience at a climax on the side of self-protection in spiritual or inner realization. The reversed symbolism is an emphasis on the better chance ahead rather than on any present or future penalties to be suffered.

Th e keyword is RECTIFICATION.

When positive, the degree is a successful employment of past failure as well as prior accomplishment in the effective integration of the personality, and when negative, callous repudiation of the self’s responsibilities.

EIGHT is he who orders the progress; weighs and balances the journey of men. 

Aq 5

The Third Eye Chakra awakening:  “What matters is connection.”

Aquarius 5° A council of ancestors

This is a symbol of the enduring reality which man creates in the over-all ideal he accepts for himself, and of his immortal dependence on the characteristics which have proved their value and hence have their continual re-embodiment in the hearts and minds of one generation after another. The emphasis here is on the individual as a challenge to the world at large, since the whole of his background mobilizes itself continually to serve him and to facilitate a further refinement of potentialities incarnate in his person. Self ultimately must fulfill itself.

The keyword is ANTECEDENCE.

When positive, the degree is power through absolute self-integrity, and when negative, sterile conservatism.

NINE is the father, vast he of countenance, forming and changing from out of the formless. 

Pi 26

The Crown Chakra awakening:  “On this hand, on the other.”

Pisces 26° A new moon that divides its influences

This is a symbol of universal initiative as a basic dynamic in any personal scheme of things, and it reveals itself most simply in man’s instinctive and often blind outreach to the reality in which he participates. His action must be tentative until he achieves his own true self-discovery, but he makes a fine skill of his uncertainty and refuses to commit himself except as he encounters a full response to his deeper realization and ultimate motives.

The keyword is FINESSE.

When positive, the degree is a thoroughgoing capitalization on life’s transitions and an effective development of every emerging potentiality of self, and when negative, a completely disruptive vacillation.

Meditate on the symbols I give thee. Keys are they, though hidden from men.

Reach ever upward, O Soul of the morning. Turn thy thoughts upward to Light and to Life. Find in the keys of the numbers I bring thee, light on the pathway from life unto life.

Seek thee with wisdom. Turn thy thoughts inward. Close not thy mind to the flower of Light.

Place in thine body a thought-formed picture. Think of the numbers that lead thee to Life.

Clear is the pathway to he who has wisdom. Open the door to the Kingdom of Light.

Pour forth thy flame as a Sun of the morning. Shut out the darkness and live in the day.

Take thee, O man! As part of thy being, the Seven who are but are not as they seem. Opened, O man! Have I my wisdom. Follow the path in the way I have led.

Masters of Wisdom, SUN of the MORNING LIGHT and LIFE to the children of men. 

“It’s right here when you’re ready.”

Thank you for visiting the Sabian Symbols Septenary.

The featured artistic renderings of the symbols are provided by Ruby Fumizki.

The tagline phrases and 7 gem images of the Chestahedron are by Saijin.


The interpretations are the official ones provided by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, from his book, Sabian Symbols in Astrology, the 1953 First Edition, published by The Sabian Publishing Society, New York; printed in the United States of America by the Roberts Studio Press, Arden, Delaware.

To learn more about The Sabian Assembly, the organization founded by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones on October 17, 1923, where seekers are bound by “searching for competent rather than easy answers to the problems of life”, please visit The Sabian Assembly at sabian.org.

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